Lily Potter was the only child to Lily Lila Potter nee' Evans and James Potter. She was Severus Snape lover and later on wife. Their relationship started during her 3rd year at Hogwarts. She wanted to protect him and she loved him so much. That she was willing to pretend to be allies with Bellatrix Lestrange to save her lover and friends life. She did this for Dumbledore her head master. She was a very good student and a good friend. When Severus life was in danger she went out of the way to protect Severus and her friends. That she pretend to be allies with Bellatrix well in truth she was allies with Dumbledore and Severus. She later learned from Dumbledore last memories that Severus had given to her that she was the last horcrux that Voldemort had created. She fought against Voldemort in one last battle. She defeated Voldemort in the very end. She reunited with Severus Snape when the battle is over. She learned that Fred, Tonks and Remus have been killed by Bellatrix. Bellatrix was killed by Molly Weasley in order to save her daughter Ginny Weasley. Severus and Lily got married three months after the battle. 19 years later Lily and Severus are seen at the train station with their three children going to Hogwarts school. She talk to their 11 year old son while Severus talk to their two other children. she told him that no matter what he choice she would always be there for him like she always been. He had been name Albus Sirius Snape. After the great and good wizard and her family friend who were the bravest men she had ever known in her life. Their children got into the train with their stuff being already in a cart place. Lily Potter Snape nee' Potter was pregnant with her and Severus fourth child when seeing their three children off to Hogwarts. She became a teacher there and Severus became the new headmaster of the school. They first had triplets Fred Snape was the first, Tonks Snape and Albus Sirius Snape. She loved them all so much with all her heart. Martial Status married since 2015. She is a Half Blood Witch. Status alive: family Lily Lila Potter nee' Evans mother + James Potter + Mr Potter grandfather+ Mrs Potter grandmother + Mr Evans grandfather+ Mrs Evans grandmother + Severus Snape husband Fred Snape son Tonks Snape daughter Albus Sirius Snape son Unborn daughter Uncle Vernon Aunt Petunia Dudley Dursley cousin. Relationship Severus Snape: husband

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